About us

Services and events are held at Battle Methodist Church's Emmanuel Centre, Harrier Lane , Battle TN33 0FL

Tel: 01424 777029 


   Rev. Philip Wagstaff

Philip has the responsibility for the Churches of the Hastings, Bexhill and Rye Methodist Circuit.

The Circuit Office can be contacted at 01424 550427 and emailed at office@hbrmethodists.org.uk

   Leadership Team

   Jill Sayers  Paula Foord  Beryl Finbow Brian Knight

Church Council Secretary

  Joanna Pattenden
  Music                   Children's Work       Safeguarding Officer    

  Christine Freeland                  Jill Sayers               

 Pastoral Team

  Edward Collins


  Christine Freeland plus David Freeland assisted by the Webmaster

 Circuit Meeting Representatives

  Paula Foord and Jill Sayers


Battle Methodist Church Policies

BMC Safeguarding Policy 2023-2024.pdf

Risk-Assessment-and-Policy 2022.pdf

Battle Methodist Church Disciplinary and Dismissal Procedure.pdf

Battle Methodist Church Grievance Procedure.pdf

Battle Methodist Church Equality, Inclusion and Diversity Policy.pdf